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Dion Smith is a 'Cohesive Planner' (tm) read quirky definition here, and has been referred to as a Practical Logician and Visioneer. At the heart of the matter is a rare and unique talent for "Making Things To Go Right". Under the sometimes banner of "Stone Logique Consulting" he has been around, quietly but firmly flattening revolving-door problems for individuals and enterprise business for many years.
The blunt mission statement:

Make sticky, stubborn problems to go away.

As his `day job`, Dion produced audio and video for twenty-plus years. With a background as a composer and as a studio and touring musician/singer, he plays bass, drums, keyboards and guitar.
Dion is a recording engineer and award-winning sound designer. Theatrically he has designed among other shows, Israel Horowitz' Park Your Car in the Harvard Yard (DramaLogue Critics Award), Hair (Robbie Nomination), the Broadway-bound Red River and Bodysnatchers, the Musical, also headed for Broadway, featuring Dion's '3-D SurroundSpace' and 'Dynamic Tracking' live mixing techniques.

As co-prducer, musician/arranger, on-stage "sound guy" and "ebullient" personality, the sold-out-nightly Dick and Don's Fabulous 60's Rock and Soul Spectacular earned him one of the seasons top reveiws --from one of L.A.'s renowned reviewers.
(Be sure to click on the L.A. Times Review/'Read Full Review', and scroll down.)

He has also accumulated ongoing praises --as well as industry awards-- for many of his commercial and industrial sound designs, numbering in the hundreds, for a vast range of highly recognizable brands and corporate names.

Client list available here, soon.

A huge fan of 'improv', Dion also improvises music live-on-the-spot, and has provided music for Soap Scum (an ongoing live improvised soap opera), has participated in an experimental free-form Modern Music ensemble, and co-developed an original musical concert project entitled Raven's Desk.

He also lent technical skills in creating a multi-camera broadcast system for SpiritWorks Church in Burbank CA.

Other pursuits include building computer systems for editing audio and video, voiceover work, Photoshop expertise and graphic/website design...often multipurposed (combined) under an umbrella of tightly-focused marketing and PR. An example of this is projected to culminate in his cross spectrum portals (www.WEBBSTREAM.com) for multi-business connectivity...and the work-in-progress www.PEAKLIVING.net, which will bring the "best of everything good" to the international public, online.

Further, in the Peak Living and Contributing-To-The-World vein, Dion is passionately committed to an original globally-centered conception, that of streaming positive content for kids across the Internet worldwide utilizing trendy, cutting edge style, i.e., a newmedia video game model to 'organically' teach values, accountability, creative thinking...and getting along productively with others. It has been hailed as 'potentially the biggest thing to happen to education in generations'. (See www.LIFEGAMES.net).
Along similar, but music industry lines, for some time he has been assembling a body of work consisting of Positive Message Music...original, and also "subltly adjusted" already-known (hit) music, spanning decades. To be toured as a series of live and televised concerts --The Uplife Concerts-- is an "Insider" and "E.T."-worthy, high profile and broad scale antidote to the negativity which seems to recreate itself in today's musical reality.

Lately, Dion's outspoken views on 'Consumer Advocacy and the Social Landscape' can be glimpsed in such efforts as www.CONFUSEDinCA.com, a commentary on media flatulance vs. 'doing one's OWN thinking'...one of numerous efforts which have over time garnered him a trendy though questionable title, "The Velvet Doberman".
(On the site be sure to click on and listen to the two Public Service spots produced for major Los Angeles talk radio station KFI
--twin colored 'arrow' buttons, near the Peak Living logo, scroll about 2/3 down...
...good-naturedly edgy fun stuff!)

Finally, believing that everyone --even those 'at the top of their game'-- has further deep wants and desires and that all it takes is to but 'look', Dion has developed a program for fast-tracking the securing of these visions and reachings. Called the PLATEAUS and delivered in a series of hi-tech telephone and DVD sessions, this attainment of Hidden Latent Power and Potential "sooner-than-later"...combines eastern philosophy and western psychology with modern metaphysics and technology. As an individually custom tuned program, "the Plateaus" paradigm shift is now being offered to select clients on a personalized one-to-one basis. So far the responses have been, without exception, stellar.

The question has occasionally been asked, 'is it really possible for one man to do all this stuff and still do it well?' The answer is in the absolute affirmative, and one need not look any further than the track record itself. Dion sez,
"...just poke around in the history books and corporate bios, you'll find accounts of many, many people who can and have, done it...and more.

"For it is actually our legacy and invitation that we opt for 'to be, do and have' ...More.
To Rise.
To be more Able.
"All that's required is a practical application of Precision. If you want it."

"Ask yourself the Question: 'How high is the sky?'"

...Following is a more comprehensivly organized and detailed list of Dion Smith's skill-set, as well as further links, audio and video production clips, original music, and endorsements...for those interested): Professional LinkedIN Profile}


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